·        AMAZING! Get a land lease for a year for just N5,000 and make an incredible profits of N400,000 to N500,000 per hectare

·        Investment Opportunities in Cassava tubers production,

·        Where to get high yield cassava yield that produces 30 tons per hectare

·        Economic analysis in cassava cultivation

·        How to generating extra income from cassava sticks

·        How to earn finder’s fee by connecting Cassava farmers and Processors:

Cassava is a very interesting crops. Apart from the fact that it is a surviving crops which make it easy to grow under various climatic and agronomic conditions. Unlike other crops, the amount of money to be spent on agrochemicals is very minimal in cassava production, which thus makes the production very profitable..

Uses:. There are other opportunities in processing cassava into flour, starch, chips and other products like cassava bread and others.

Harvesting: Some types of cassava get fully matured within nine months. Some stays for twelve months before they get matured while some last up to two years before they get fully matured. And this harvesting can be done by uprooting with hand or using other suitable harvesting implements in digging out the tubers.


Nigeria Cassava Framers can now enjoy high yield cassava harvest: Presently, the average cassava farmer in the country is obtaining only about 12-15 tons per hectare. Whereas smaller countries like Thailand are obtaining over 40-50 tons per hectare. .With high yield cassava stem being distributed to the farmers all across the Country Nigerians farmers are now producing 30 tons per hectare. You can get this high yield cassava stem at IITA Ibadan.

Inter- cropping: Cassava can be intercropped with vegetables, plantation crop, yams, sweet potatoes, melon maize, rice and leguminous crops. With effective farm management, a farmer should be able to produce between 25-30 ton of maize per hectare with the potential to produce two to three times a year with irrigation facilities. The bottom line is that the investor's potential is the ability to manage the agronomic operations of the farm effectively.

Opportunity in making use of the farm settlements: The is a farm cluster where interested participants can run their farm settlement in the same area, side by side with demarcation. Cluster farm projects always reduce the cost of running the farms compared to individual management. This should however be discretion of each farmer. Any interested Nigerians can get a room apartment in these areas for less than N1,000 and come around once in a while to monitor his farm.

Opportunities in Cassava flour for bread: The new minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina is very much disposed to the production of cassava flour and bread and the ministry is currently working on incentives that would encourage investors in this area.  You can tap into the opportunity by either producing/sourcing high quality cassava flour for supplies to flour millers or by producing cassava bread and other confectioneries.

Tap into the opportunity the Cassava Growers Associations offers: The association have been receiving loan facilities to assist members to improve their yield, financial institutions like Nigerian Agricultural Co-operative and Rural Development Bank. and, United  State Agency  for International Development(USAID).have been giving loan to farmers to improve their efficiency.

 Economic analysis in cassava cultivation: Three tons of cassava tubers when ground and processed would produce one ton of Gari (IITA estimation). It means that you have turned the tubers into consumable product and you have added value (money) to it. A module (Kongo) of gari of equivalent of 1.2Kilogrammes. But one tones of garri equals 833 kongos and a kongo of gari is sold for between N150 and N160 in the market today. So multiplying 833 kongos in one ton of gari with the selling price (e.g N150) gives you N124,950. If you sell the cassava tubers raw without processing it,  you can make between N8,000 and N10,000 on a pick up van loaded with the tubers. Converting a pick-up van loaded with the tubers into garri will give youj N65,000. Assuming the cost of processing the tubers into gari was N30,000, the remaining amount is your total profit. Note if one hectare can produce 30 tons which can produce ten  ton of gari, if you multiply N124,950 from one ton in ten places one hectare has made you an instant millionaire this goes a long way to shows that if you add value you will make more money.

How to generating extra income from cassava sticks: Moreover cassava stick can generate more income for farmers, for instance a bundle of cassava sticks containing 40 viable sticks, each cut into 5 pieces each would give 2,000 sticks of cassava, which can be used to plant 200 heaps. On one acre of  farm land  we have 20,000 heaps and a bundle of cassava sticks containing 40 sticks is sold for between N300 and N350 depending on location. Since on acre of land will take 20,000 heaps and 200 cassava sticks makes one bundle of cassava sticks, it hen mean 20,000 heaps will consume 10,000 bundles of cassava sticks during planting season, it also means that N10,000 worth of cassava sticks would be used to plant 20,00 heaps on one acre of farmland during a planting season. Therefore, 10,000 bundles of cassava sticks multiplied by N300 ( which is the lowest price of a  bundle of cassava sticks) gives a profit of N30,000. With the above analysis, you can see that farmers can make more money from the cassava sticks in addition to the income from the sales of the tubers.

Opportunity for big Investors: . The major success factors in cassava production is the ability of the investor to engage in commercial production using high yielding stem cuttings (minimum of ten hectares) . . With30 tons per hectare on a 10 hectare of land an investor can make about N3million on the cassava alone in eight months.

Earn finder’s fee by connecting Cassava farmers and Processors: A lot of cassava farmers in Nigeria are looking for you to help them sell their cassava to cassava processors. Some of these processors are spread around the country, there is one in Lagos that buys  400,000 metric tons in a day some of these companies buy at N8,000 to N9,000 per metric tons, and you can buy from the local farmers for between N4,000 to N6,000 per metric ton, just imagine how much you will make if you are selling 100 to 200 metric tons. To some of these cassava buyers.

Get a land lease for just N5000 per annum and make over N300,000: There are a lot of farm settlement in Nigeria where you can get a land lease for you for  just N5,000 per hectare and you can make 20,000 heaps on one hectare, you can plant cassava and other cash crops. My research took me to some farm settlement at Babaoba farm settlement scheme at Igbo Ora and other farm settlements in Oke Ogun area of Oyo State where you can get an hectare of land being leased for  just N5,000, and you can make about N300,000  if you manage your farm very well by planting other cash crops like maize, melon, potatoes and so on. In Lagos, the areas to lease land are from Sango upward along Abeokuta road (Ilogbo and Ifo), Epe/Badagry and Ikorodu to get a land lease for one year can cost between N5,000 to N7,000. While other farm are available in the east, north and other parts of the Country.  About 75% constituting 68million hectares of total land area in the country has potential for agricultural activities but only about 33million hectares are presently being cultivated.

Our, policies should encourage the establishment of starch-based industries such that produced cassava is destined for local market and not for export. These actions will further support commercial production, encourage farmers to increase their yield, reduce the mining of soil nutrients and make cassava production environmentally and economically sustainable.


Tunji Afuwape

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