An Ultimate Wealth Creating Strategy in Export Business and other service sectors 


The professional finder simply matches qualified buyers with qualified sellers. A finder is not a preseller,dealer, representative, or agent. If a product or service can be sold or bought, there is a potential finder's fee just waiting for a finder with the know-how to earn it. There are finder's fees to be earned in every small town or big city, in every state and country. All you need to do is arrange matching between buyers and sellers, put them together, and then sit back and collect your fees.

Understand the basics of export business: It might interest you to know that the gap between you and the millions of naira waiting for you in this business is nothing but the “basic understanding of an export business process”. Understanding the fundamentals of an export business process especially as it concerns securing a GENUINE EXPORT ORDER/ CONTRACT with a well secured method of payment, then you are on your way to making UNIMAGINABLE LOADS OF MONEY.If you are unemployed/ financially challenged then your condition could be likened to this scenario: A MAN THAT HAS CRUDE OIL WELL HIDDEN IN HIS BACKYARD BUT STARVES OF FOOD ALL DAY DUE TO HIS IGNORANCE OF THE ENORMOUS WEALTH STARRING AT HIM EVERYTIME

Secure export contract and earn finders fee: Veteran exporters and prospective exporters are in dire need of export contracts for the various agricultural and allied/mineral commodities that could be explored within the country. So all you should do as an export entrepreneur is to secure these contracts via the internet using the various trade portals like Alibaba, howtrade,tradekey,busytrade.,india-mart. and so on, aided with your GSM phone, you could start earning finders fee which run into millions of Naira in few months depending on the size of the shipment. All you need to know is the elements of an export business process. Earning finders fee launches you out as an export consultant and facilitator to the numerous prospective exporters who are out there seriously searching for your services.

Promote Nigerian product and get paid: Anything that is manufactured or sourced within Nigeria and taken out for sale is said to be exported. Although it seems obvious that all manufacturers, merchants or suppliers of goods (which maybe agricultural or mineral commodities) would want a worldwide market, it is not easy for a company that is limited in its scope and abilities.

Earn finders fee as an export broker: An export broker is a match maker. Becoming an export broker is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways any prospecting exporter can raise money to go into full time export business. The advantages are enormous. Starting from a little or no capital, an export broker could earn large “finders fee” with absolutely unlimited income. There is hardly another business requiring a negligible startup cost that can put you into a six figure bracket so quickly than online-based export business. It gives one the power, prestige and high respectability in his community.

Promote Domestic product: Manufacturers of domestic goods seek foreign distribution of Nigerian commodities in the international market. You need to find the foreigners who want to buy the raw materials /goods of Nigerian origin. Make a solid connection and establish a business relationship with their companies.

The Federal Government raked in $2.3bn (N345bn) as proceeds from non-oil exports between January and December last year. This figure represents about 35 per cent increase when compared with $1.7bn recorded in 2009. Agricultural Export trading guarantees good returns on Capital on almost monthly basis exporting snails, cassava products, Wood charcoal, Honey, Gallstones, Bitter Kola, Cashew, Ginger,Gum arabic,Chilli pepper,Cotton etc.    This is a sector that is currently untapped to the maximum as it offers a high return on the investment with minimum risk and great opportunities for growth.  The world undoubtedly has become a global community with the introduction of Information and Communication Technology.    People just want to buy things from other countries.    Anything at all sells in the global market ranging from cassava (chips, starch,flour,stem ), charcoal, bitterkola, coconut, okro, yam etc.

Getting started: You can start your export business at home with a telephone. You may require a file system, business card and a machine to answer phone calls. Once you get going, you may get other facilities. And you may need a classy letterhead until you establish personal contacts; it is your letterhead that represents you. Make it look professional, possibly embossed or light weighted paper for airmail correspondence. You will have a lot of domestic correspondence.

Use an e-mail: You are strongly advised to use the email for all communication that has to do with export because it is faster, more efficient and cheaper. More than office apartment, you need the determination to make it work. It might be slow at first, and you will need to plan your moves, make contacts and SELL YOURSELF. But once you make a few sales and sign several contracts, you will know that your dedication was worthwhile.

Making contacts with foreign buyers: The most important step in setting up your online based export business is finding the contacts of buyers. One of the ways of making contacts with foreign buyers of Nigerian commodities is by going online to establish instant contacts. You can achieve this by signing up for FREE! With most of the international trade directories. You can also search for more. Other sources of foreign buyers are the foreign consulates (embassies) Another way to establish contacts is through the chamber of commerce of every city you are aiming for.

Prepare a massive mail campaign: To every prospective buyer, write a letter introducing your company, telling them that you have the named goods they want to buy (e.g. charcoal) that it meets their quality specification, that you will package according to their requirements and don’t fail to quote selling price and Payment terms acceptable.

Analyze the market: Keep yourself informed. Read everything that you can find about export business, look at trade publications, international newspapers, news magazines and financial reports. The export business is actually smaller than you might think. There are only a few of these businesses that’s why there is plenty room for more. Government agencies such as Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) are great places to find help. This agency promotes export business.

Making contact with exporters/ suppliers: Once you have your “working paper”, you may run some classified adverts in the local newspaper such as. The headlines of your advert may read “exporters are wanted for urgent product supplies” or “export business opportunities” This ad would be used to pull exporters of Nigerian commodities. When potential clients start calling as a result of the advert, inform them that you have buyers of the said product from a named part of the world say Germany,Belgium etc. I bet, you would be fascinated by the caliber of clients that will approach you for the contract.

These ranges from retired senior military personnel and business tycoons with large reserve of funds. Fix an appointment and meet with your client Upon discussing the contract details, you could charge your client a finder’s fee of about N100, 000 and subsequently enjoy a 10% commission of the anticipated profit. Depending on the value of the contract, you could be well on your way to earning up to six figures monthly. Imagine collecting your finder’s fee from ten prospective exporters. This is a whooping N1, 000, 000 (one million naira) But for you to really communicate a detailed product description to both your prospective client and the foreign buyer, you would need comprehensive information about the quality, profitability of the product this is called “The Product Profile.

Here are the list of the few of the exportable product,CHARCOAL,SESAME SEED,GINGER,BITTER KOLA


Others means of connecting with exporters who may need your contract could be by: 􀀀Networking with friends, relatives and colleagues, Nigerian export promotion council’s data base for exporters, Seminars and workshops,Etc

Tap into the wealth of Nigeria’s and China trade relation: Nigeria has become the fourth largest trade partner and the second largest export market of China in Africa, the current trade volume between Nigeria and China is estimated at $13.3 billion which represents an increase of about $10 billion from $3 billion recorded in 2006 and a clear indication of an increasing economic cooperation between both countries. The width and depth of cooperation of the two countries embrace a vast range of prospects. while manufacturing was an important aspect of China‘s economy, the oil industry was the major driver of the Nigerian economy. ”Until now, China had already invested $7.24bn and created more than 30,000 jobs for Nigeria. The Lekki Free Trade Zone is a very good example. If this project becomes successful, Nigeria‘s capability to manufacture will be largely enhanced, which definitely will contribute to Nigeria‘s export.

Goldman Sachs Group prediction is realistic: Nigeria has diligent and talented people, abundant natural resources and huge potential for development. Goldman Sachs Group predicted Nigeria would be the 18th largest economy in the world by 2025 and 11th in 2050. To realize this, government has projected 40 percent of all foreign earnings to come from non-oil export trade, while oil and other sub-sectors will share 60 percent between them.Currently, Chinese firms are playing leading roles in the provision of critical social infrastructure like roads and bridges in the country. In the area of energy, the Chinese are the builders of the largest power generating plant in the country at Papalanto in Ogun State, while also handling the construction of a cement plant for the Dangote Group.

Earns finders fee from the Chinese who are ready to explore our exportable products: More Chinese are coming to Nigeria to look for products like Coal, Timber, Tourmaline, Copper and mining sites if you can provide any of this product you are bound to earns million of naira as finders fee. All you need to do is to advertise your services in any of the trade sites. Connect them with the available local agro and mineral products and earn appropriate finders fee.

Invite importers from foreign Countries and earn finders fee: A lot of importers which you can get on any of the trade site are ready to come into the Country if you can meet their request based on the products that is available locally. Recently i received a request from my mail box from a charcoal importer in Italy, he needs 300 containers, I did my research by conducting a die diligence on his company and personality before I introduced an exporter to him in Nigeria, I was able to collect my finders fee from this transaction, I proceeded to introduced him to two other charcoal exporter from Nigeria. I discovered that he’s genuine because he keeps his promises. I later invited him to Nigeria, he spends 6 weeks while I introduced him to other charcoal exporters, as of now I have been able to get50 container out of the 300 container he demanded and our relationship continues  his trip back to Italy notwithstanding as I will continue to get more exporters for him from Nigeria

EARN N150,000 On The Spot Per Trip Just Sourcing And Loading Agro- Exportable Product From The Hinterland and Villages to Lagos: A lot of our readers have already tap into this opportunity by providing supportive services to Nigeria exporters. If you live in the north or you can travel to the north you can source for agro and minerals product for Nigerian exporters you can earn finders fee You can travel to Jigawa, kano Kaduna, Platuea states, go to their go to their commodity markets and meets any of the sellers of these commodities. tell them that you need a large quantity All you need to do is to arrange the truck as well as people that will load, and negotiate with the driver. You will need to calculate all the expenses, e.g. a truck load will carry 30 metric tones; You commission is between N5,000 to N20,000 per ton depending on you negotiating power, since you are loading a Trailer which is 30 Tons, multiply your commission by 30, which can be N150,000 to N600,0000 finder fee or more. It is very important to know the product profile because exporters will always ask you to submit samples and the product specification.  They will come to the market to  pick  the product from the market and pay you the commission. You are adding value to the export value chain and a lot of exporters will be ready to work with you. You will need to have the list of the exporters of the products you want to source, some of these exporters have ready made buyers while some want to buy and store in their wharehouse in Lagos to sell in the off-pick season so that they can sell at a higher price

 So any interested Nigerians can travel to the north to explore this opportunity. The more truck you load, the more money you make. If you can load as many as four trucks in a month, you can make as much  as N600,000.. Products like ginger,Seame seed garlic, cashew nuts, lead and so on are some of the products involved in this project,

Export Business Can Still Accommodate More Nigerians: The non-oil export business is still at its very primitive stage in Nigeria with a very high potential for growth. The market is, thus, inexhaustible (especially for agricultural commodities and other consumables). Therefore, there is space for everyone that will like to earn foreign exchange via the export business.

Does the name Adnan Kashogi, ring any bells?  Although Kashogi came from a middle class family, he went to school with the children of oil-rich sheiks. He revealed that at a very young age he had discovered how to earn finders fees by simply listening to his friends at school.  He would overhear his school friends talking about what one father was seeking and whose father had that item.  He would then ask for, and be paid, a "commission" (finder's fee) for introducing the fathers to one another. As he grew older, the people who had paid him as a child remembered him and asked him to find more and bigger things for them now - such as Aircraft, Oil Field Equipment, Ships, etc. - paying him ever bigger profits.  He revealed how he believed that anyone, with the right training, could learn how to earn finders fees and earn substantial profits just like he did.

If you have not heard of him you would have heard about people like Rochas Okorocha or Pastor Tunde Bakare, they made their fist million in life by earning finder fee

Give you very best: There are almost 150,000,000 people in this country - and millions of them own businesses (small, medium or large).  No company owner, CEO or President can 'honestly' claim to know of ALL potential buyers, sources of supply, or service providers?  And if they do, move on because it will be a waste of your valuable time trying to convince them otherwise. Always give your very best attention and service to your clients. Keep in touch with them; answer their questions quickly. Make every effort you can to "deliver the goods and services" as quickly as you can. Treat your customers well; they'll recommend you to other clients needing a finder! There are profitable finder's fee opportunities in every sector of our economy m. Where you live does not matter If a product or service can be sold or bought - with the "Right Know-How" You to Can Get Finders Fees Paid to you for bringing the buyers and sellers together

Tunji Afuwape is a small business and SMEs finance expert, 08033224392.