The DVD contain a power- packed information on how you can start a Home based export business

Here are the information inside the DVD

How to start your export business with no cash as an international trade broker.

How to attract hundreds of importers to you simply by moving one step ahead of others.

Several commodities you can export from Nigeria to the rest of the world.
How to become a certified and recognized exporter in Nigeria.
How to write winning export sales letters that will make importers line up at your door.
How to increase your sales response from importers.
The guaranteed way to get genuine exporters to do business with you.
How to quote mouth watering prices for your products.
Insider's secrets for exporting your products via sea or air.
Export documents and How to get them.
The guaranteed, tried and tested way to get paid by overseas clients.
How to detect and avoid international trade scams and fraudulent importers.
What to do to avoid losing money to fraudulent companies.
Amazing export costing and pricing strategies

What to consider before a single transaction, and more comprehensive understanding of the logistics that are involved to be a successful exporter



Existing small business owners who want to expand into new markets will also benefit from this export information.

  • It's Like Having Your Future Delivered To You On A Silver Platter ! ! !

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