Money making opportunities in the Nigeria’s exportation Industry




Unemployment in Nigeria is one of the most critical problems the country is facing. The years of corruption, civil war, military rule, and mismanagement have hindered economic growth of the country. Nigeria is endowed with diverse and infinite resources, both human and material. However, years of negligence and adverse policies have led to the under-utilization of these resources. Commodities and Mineral Export remain full of untapped opportunities. The industry is so large that it can still accommodate a lot of jobless Nigerians,. Here are the money making opportunities in the Nigeria’s exportation industry.

Exportation: If you have an ability to sell and an air of transparency and diplomacy, the export business might be right for you. Anything that is manufactured or sourced within Nigeria and taken out for sale is said to be exported. An exporter is someone who sells goods or services in a foreign market to make profit. Export non-oil commodities like  Sesame Seed, Hardwood Charcoal, ,  Cashew Nuts, Gum Arabic, Hibiscus, Ginger, PKS etc. Return on investment is 25 to 40%  for instance Nigeria can now export Charcoal all through the year because of the availability of Locust bean Tree (Iron wood) which is available in large quantity in the middle belt region of the Country

Freight Forwarder: They acts as an import/export agent, or a go-between, taking care of the details of moving goods into or out of a country. Sending products from one international destination to another can involve a multitude of carriers, requirements and legalities. In other words, the freight forwarder who in most cases is a customs broker is the one that actually tells an exporter the cost of shipping and insurance.

 Employment opportunity for local supplier: Most producers of exportable commodities which include farmers, and  Commodity Merchants in Nigeria today are constantly looking for buyers for their commodities while the buyers (which include Exporters, Cottage Industries, Big Manufacturing companies etc) are also looking for suppliers to meet their supply chain demands. An exporter can therefore source the commodities from farmers and Local Buying Agents( LBA) directly at a cheaper rate. This another sector that can employ up to 10,000 local commodity suppliers  in Nigeria.

Warehousing and employment Generation: The cost of renting warehouses in Lagos and its environs runs millions of naira. Warehouse owners make nothing less than N10 million to N20 million annually renting warehouse to prospects even on a shorter tenure. A standard warehouse accommodation in Nigeria goes for N100, 000 per week when there are minimum demands. You can actually generate up to 50 million in a year, but not to exaggerate, we have had exporters beg for space to store goods for a year at the cost of N12 million per time, less than a year in desperation to secure the goods

Nigeria arts and Crafts a big cash flow for unemployed Nigerians: NIGERIA is  renowned for its crafts and the skills of its craftsmen for hundreds of years. Nigeria and African handicrafts are considered across the globe as the most original and unique hand-made possessions. Many countries are interested in patronizing the works of Nigerian craftsmen because Nigerian crafts convey designs which are distinctively Nigerian, reflecting our culture. Foreigners are interested in handicrafts that depict the culture of the African people. Such crafts which portray the culture of traditional societies offer a lot of attraction and appeal to foreigners, especially the developed countries who want to know more about societies through arts and handicrafts. Leather and leather products are produced in large quantities in Sokoto, Kebbi, Niger, Kano, Plateau State, and Adamawa. Richly decorated leather works exist in Oyo State. Others are Adire Pottery wood carving and painting all these arts are in high demand in foreign Countries.

Farming: Nigeria has been able to utilize 34 million hectares out of her 91 million hectares of arable land you can make money by planting any of the Country’s non oil exportable products like   Cocoa, Ginger , garlic, Cashew nut, Sesame seed and make a lot of money

EARN N150,000 On The Spot Per Trip Just Sourcing And Loading Agro- Exportable Product From The Hinterland and Villages to Lagos: If you live in the north or you can travel to the north you can source for agro and minerals product for Nigerian exporters you can earn finders fee You can travel to Jigawa, kano Kaduna, Platuea states, go to their  commodity markets and meets any of the sellers of these commodities. tell them that you need a large quantity All you need to do is to arrange the truck as well as people that will load, and negotiate with the driver. You will need to calculate all the expenses, e.g. a truck load will carry 30 metric tones; You commission is between N5,000 to N20,000 per ton depending on your negotiating power, since you are loading a Trailer which is 30 Tons, multiply your commission by 30, which can be N150,000 to N600,0000 finder fee or more. It is very important to know the product profile because exporters will always ask you to submit samples and the product specification.  They will come to the market to  pick  the product from the market and pay you the commission.

Contract Sourcing: Veteran exporters and prospective exporters are in dire need of export contracts for the various agricultural and allied/ mineral commodities that could be explored within the country. So all you should do as an export entrepreneur is to secure these contracts via the internet using the various trade portals like www.alibaba,www.tradekey.www.Go4worldbusiness etc, with your GSM phone, you could start earning commissions which run into millions of Naira in few months depending on the size of the shipment. The most important step in setting up your online based export business is finding the contacts of buyers. One of the ways of making contacts with foreign buyers of Nigerian commodities is by going online to establish instant contacts.

Foreign Language escort: Certain countries even have foreign language escort services to accommodate the exporters' needs. The services of the foreign language escorts are to translate for and accompany the foreign buyer on dining and tour. The exporter must verify with the buyer in case of doubt about the message received

Manufacturing agent: Manufacturers of domestic goods seek foreign distribution of Nigerian commodities in the international market. You need to find the foreigners who want to buy the raw materials / goods of Nigerian origin. Make a solid connection and establish a business relationship with Nigerian companies by exporting their products to foreign Countries. Although it seems obvious that all manufacturers would want a worldwide market,.

setting up a shipping system that delivers: Shipping is the roughage in an entrepreneur's diet. Nobody's interested in talking about it, but everybody's got to deal with it. In fact, shipping is one of the most challenging aspects of business for many entrepreneurs. Because the fact is, no one shipping vendor or shipping policy fits all. Much depends on the industry you're in, the kinds of products you sell, the weight of the items you're shipping, and your customers' needs. It’s well worth the time to do research before jumping into a shipping plan, Working under someone in the shipping industry can be a great way to get both-good contacts and a much-needed experience. You must try to garner as much information as possible about all the pros and cons of this business. You must try to enhance your knowledge about the strategies and working styles of other shipping companies in Nigeria.

Export Insurance services: This is an opportunity for specialists and acknowledged experts in providing insurance services for international trade.. You can be  an Insurance Brokerage specializing in Export Credit/Political Risks, Domestic Credit and related insurance for businesses, exporters and their financial institutions.

Export legal assistance: lawyer will help you identify the key legal issues facing your company in exporting, he will explain basic contractual requirements, taxes and regulations and give you introductory information on other necessary resources, such as banks, freight forwarders, insurance companies, federal programs to expand exports.

Courier services: For many exporters, a courier company is an important partner in the export process. At the very least, the courier company will ensure that important documents (such as contracts, transport documents, proposals, presentations, catalogues, brochures, etc.) get to the foreign customer safely. A courier service may also be worth using if you need to get a sample to a customer urgently. Although courier companies are generally considered to handle small packages, many of the large companies such as DHL are expanding their operations to handle any specialized urgent cargos!

Export Consultancy and Training: The importance of a top  export consultant services is indisputable in modern businesses. They are professionals who help businesses grow in overseas markets. The export consultants are trained in international business liaison and can help businesses with market research, finding franchises, establishing distribution channels and designing advertising campaigns. A lot of Nigerian organize training to share information on vital export processes, they also provide  contacts of overseas buyers of some Nigeria’s agricultural product.

Road haulage transport business:. Often times goods need to be transported to our various ports.  As a new entrant into the business of Haulage business you can decide to buy a Trailer or more and station it with any of those multinational companies, they will maintain your Trailer for you employ a driver for you, at the end of every month all you need to do is to go there office and collect your cheque, they pay between N1million to N5million on a Trailer every month, before you can be part of this, you need to register with them as a contractor or fall under another contractor in their fleet. You don’t have an excuse for not getting a trailer as there are so many leasing companies in Nigeria that are giving out Trailers to interested investors in this sector of the economy.

Trade show organizers: the task of organizing a trade show can seem overwhelming. The show organizer has to select a site, negotiate contracts and arrange for housing and travel as needed. He or she must arrange for exhibition services, market to potential vendors and arrange all the million of details that make up the logistics of the affair. When you scrape away all the bells and whistles, what are you left with? -- an event that brings buyers and sellers together.

Packaging services: A packaging company provides packaging of personal and commercial goods for individuals and companies. Depending on a client's needs, professional packaging may be requested for moving, storing goods, or shipping items. If the packaged goods are to be shipped, it is an added service of a packaging business to provide shipping. To get started in the packaging industry create a business plan,, find suppliers, choose an operating location, secure business equipment, and create essential business forms.

Export Broker: An export broker in palm oil trading is a match maker.      Becoming an export broker is one of the easiest and the most rewarding ways any prospecting exporter can raise money to go into full time export business.      Their advantage are enormous starting from little or no capital, an export broker could earn large “finders fees” with absolutely unlimited income.      There is hardly another business requiring a negligible start-up cost that can put you into a six figure bracket so quickly than an online based export business.      It gives one the power, prestige and high respectability in his community. 

The non-oil export business is still at its very primitive stage in Nigeria with a very high potential for growth. The market is, thus, inexhaustible (especially for agricultural commodities and other consumables). Therefore, there is space for everyone that will like to earn foreign exchange via the export business. Please remember, preparing for the world of international trade is a complex process. But with the proper knowledge and strategy, you’ll soon be on your way to world wide success.

Tunji Afuwape is small business and SMEs finance expert

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